Associations and Standards Organizations

Automobile manufacturers, dealers and independent parts and service providers have a long list of associations that monitor industry activity and represent members in the legislative process governing the design of products. Standards organizations establish protocols to build cohesive approaches to the performance of automotive equipment. Together, these associations and organizations have a vested interest in how telematics technology is applied.

The Telematics Task Force is working with the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) to create standards that will guide how telematics technology is applied by both auto manufacturers and the independent auto care industry.

Our Task Force members like the Auto Care Association, American Automobile Association (AAA), Automotive Industries Association (AIA) of Canada, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), Automotive Service Association (ASA) and the Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) are also in connection with auto care associations in Europe and around the world to ensure the development of a global approach to standards creation.

Note: This Task Force is presenting predominately USA market information due to the makeup of its membership. We appreciate AIA Canada’s participation and invite you to contact AIA Canada at to learn more about telematics in Canada.