tel·e·mat·ics  ˌteləˈmatiks/ noun

  1. The branch of information technology that describes the long-distance transmission of computerized information
  2. In automotive applications -- the ability to wirelessly connect to a vehicle to send and receive information
  3. Increased value for vehicle owners if the connectivity technology and related service information is available to all automotive service providers

Telematics Task Force
Mission Statement

To empower vehicle owners to direct the service of their vehicles to locations of their choice, and to ensure that those locations have complete access to fully documented vehicle diagnostic data supplied via current and future data portals, including hard-wired connections such as the SAE J1962 connector and on-board or hand-held device telematics systems.

The Challenge

Telematics devices and applications are changing the face of the auto industry. They hold the potential to increase both the accuracy and efficiency of auto repair if the data produced by these systems are available and usable to all vehicle service providers.

The Telematics Task Force is comprised of associations and companies in the auto industry and is dedicated to ensuring open access to automotive telematics technology, vehicle connection and service information for both vehicle owners and aftermarket service providers. The Task Force seeks to work with vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, standards organizations and telematics application developers to form a cohesive and supportive approach to the supply of vehicle service information.

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